Staying Relevant

Episode 34 Chuck Miller

Episode Summary

Marketing Relevance’s Staying Relevant Podcast episode 34 is now available for listening. Mitch Levinson, Marketing Relevance President, speaks with Chuck Miller, owner of Chuck Miller Consulting LLC. Chuck has 50 years of experience in the construction industry and explains to our listeners the special needs of small volume remodelers and builders. Plus, with his expertise creates custom solutions to any issues the companies are experiencing.

Episode Notes

Chuck started in the construction business back in 1968 as an apprentice carpenter until 1972 when he became a journeyman carpenter and worked his way through college. During those years until 1989 when he moved out to Boise, Idaho, he was involved in the design and construction of commercial, multi and single family residential projects throughout the United States. 

In 1999, Chuck became an instructor for the National Association of Home Builders and in 2017 he was honored with becoming a Master Instructor for their education programs.  Furthermore, Chuck’s list of accomplishments continued to grow and the list is extensive. One major accolade, he authored the book “Plan of Profit: Business Planning for Builders and Remodelers.”

Tune into episode 34 to learn more about Chuck's success in the building industry and helping people focus on what they are doing and how it contributes to their success or helping others achieve their goals.

To reach Chuck, email him at or call at (208) 571-0755.