Staying Relevant

Episode 22 - Josh Gort

Episode Summary

Josh Gort is an independent contractor for Cutco serving the role of Cutco Sales Professional and Division Events Coordinator. Cutco has been around for over seven decades and prides itself on selling high quality American made kitchen products. Cutco has a lifetime guarantee of their products and have also implemented a gift-giving process to show appreciation for their clients. These—paired with a handwritten thank you note—shows Cutco customers how valued they are by the company with which they have chosen to do business. Since Gort is a Division Events Coordinator, he works numerous events throughout the year including home shows, street fests, state fairs, gift shows around the holidays, etc. These events are a great way for him to conduct client outreach.

Episode Notes

Josh Gort has been with Cutco for almost 10 years. Within that decade, he has served many different roles but really prides himself on his role as a successful salesman. In 2016, he sold about half a million dollars in product! However, for Gort, it’s not all about the sales. He prides himself on being able to maintain relationships and connections with his customers. Gort has an impressive number of over 2,300 clients who he ensures are getting all of their Cutco needs taken care of. When Gort began selling, he practiced with his family members and friend’s parents and still makes sure he is treating his own customers like friends and family so that every client feels taken care of. Customers can reach Gort via his website:; via email at; or via phone at 847-814-3703.