Staying Relevant

Episode 21 - George Georgiev

Episode Summary

When George Georgiev realized how much paperwork doctors and medical professionals in the United States had to complete in order to practice medicine in a private setting, he became concerned with the number of bureaucratic tasks medical professionals have to complete on a daily basis and how those tasks are often overwhelming for the physician; making it hard to solely focus on patient care. Believing that a main priority of healthcare professionals should be patient care, George saw his observations as an opportunity to help physicians get back to treating patients without having to think about the paperwork. Thus, Gina Consulting was born! The company specializes in medical billing services for private physician’s offices and groups. Their goals are profitability, efficiency, and ensuring physicians have ample time to focus on what comes first: the patients.

Episode Notes

George appreciates the interesting and challenging aspects of medical billing, but says that the biggest challenge is obtaining customers. What sets Gina Consulting apart from the competition is that they are a consulting company rather than just a billing company. As such, they work to find the best solutions for their clients. The clients that Gina Consulting tries to reach include private practice podiatrists, internal medicine, mental and behavioral health, chiropractors, and dentists. The company has seen success in paid leads, networking groups, referrals, and they are hoping to see results from their 3-6 month long Facebook campaign. Tune for all of this and more in this week’s episode of Staying Relevant!