Staying Relevant

Episode 19 - Francesca Kenney

Episode Summary

In this week’s episode, Mitch speaks with Francesca Kenney, partners at B2B CFO, a financial management company that prides itself on their strong belief in improving the lives of business owners. To B2B, each client is unique and important. They make an effort to understand their client’s goals and to remove barriers that get in the way of those goals. What makes B2B unique is their transparent relationship with their clients: they sit down and discuss issues, complete a Discovery Analysis where B2B meets with the client’s team to gain an understanding of the organization, and then hold a strategy session to fix issues and grow the organization. The largest challenge for the company is getting in front of closely held mid market organizations that want to grow profitably or are looking for an exit strategy. They have found success within their target market—which is closely held mid market organizations that are looking to grow profitably—by advertising themselves via social media, generating qualified introductions, and understanding the appropriate networking groups to be associated with. Tune in for all of this and more in this week’s episode of Marketing Relevance!

Episode Notes

When considering a financial management company, it is important to ensure your advisors are seasoned CFOs with years of experience. B2B’s partners hold a multitude of credentials including CPA, CMA, JD, MBA, MT, and CFE. They also have over 6,000 years of experience within their firm that is accessible but not billed to clients! Call 484-433-9109 to find out how to add value to your company today!