Staying Relevant

Episode 10 - Dunsing Inspections

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, Mitch sat down with James “Jamie” Dunsing and Kristin Marsden of Dunsing Inspections. The company has an impressive 70 plus years of cumulative experience in working with clients and real estate agencies alike. Dunsing Inspections is very aware of how emotional the process of buying a home can be, so their marketing is based on relationship building. They build and maintain relationships through social media presence and reviews, email follow ups, and even hand-written notes! While they have found great success in their tactics, they have also found challenges in advertising their business in print ads. Tune into this week’s episode of Staying Relevant to find out marketing tactics that yield results and how to remain confident in choosing an inspector for your own home from Jamie and Kristin!

Episode Notes

Dunsing Inspections is very well-versed in a myriad of different types of inspections, from office suites to large, industrial spaces. The company is able to inspect buildings up to 80,000 square feet. Dunsing Inspections believes that no home is perfect, but the key is finding out if it is perfect for you. They specialize in focusing on the larger functions of the home. Dunsing Inspections is licensed within the state of Illinois and can be reached via website at or via phone at 847-367-0782. Prospective clients should know that Dunsing Inspections is always available--even nights and weekends, and that anybody who mentions this podcast will receive a $25 discount off their inspection fee.