Staying Relevant

Episode 09 - Andrew McCauley Allstate Agency

Episode Summary

In this today’s episode, Mitch sat down with Andy McCauley of Andrew McCauley Allstate Agency. Andy’s business has an edge on the competition due to their unparalleled coverage for their target market, as Andy puts it: families who own ‘stuff’. Whether homes, automobiles, boats, etc., Allstate is ready to cover them and Andy is ready to be there by your side, educating you on your plan or quote! Andy touched on what it’s like having two brands: Allstate and his own name/agency. He has found marketing success in networking, mailers, and purchasing leads. Currently, Andy is looking to expand his market by creating a website that will attract a new clientele: ride-share drivers such as those who work for Uber and Lyft. Since these drivers are out and about more, insurance coverage is different than typical automobile policies. Tune in to find out more about what Andy had to say about dipping into this prospective new market!

Episode Notes

When it comes to insurance, price is not everything. Those who are looking to go for the cheapest option should be aware that there is likely a reason why the price is so low. Though many coverage plans may look the same, there are often many differences. Andy advises education and questions above all else. Make sure you know exactly what you are signing up for by finding someone you trust who can provide you with clarity. Call the Andrew McCauley Allstate Agency today at 847-260-7570 to get a quote from Andy or someone on his staff. Listeners who mention this podcast and obtain a quote will receive a ten dollar gift card for every quote the receive without even having to buy anything!