Staying Relevant

Episode 08 - Advocate Financial Partners

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, we spoke to Emma Bradford and Samantha Katchen, two licensed insurance agents of Advocate Financial Partners, a brokerage in the insurance industry, who also specialize in retirement planning. Their expertise in their industry as well as marketing has led to them gaining success from a variety of marketing methods including using a combination of social media, calling people, hosting seminars, sending out mailers, and referrals from loyal clients who they have been working with for a long time. Bradford and Katchen discuss the importance of maintaining close and trustworthy relationships with clients. Tune in for all of this and more in this week’s episode of Staying Relevant!

Episode Notes

While Bradford and Katchen understand the reservations some clients may have with them due to their young ages, they firmly advocate for and protect clients. They pride themselves on their honesty and integrity. They claim that anyone can sell insurance, but not all of those salespeople are creating the best plan of action for their clients. In order to ensure they are always creating the best plan for their clients, they incorporate lots of face-to-face meetings to find out their clients’ goals. While medicare and other benefits kick in for people who are at the age of 65, Bradford and Katchen label their target market as anyone over 55 and firmly believe that people should start planning for retirement before they reach the age of 65.